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    Charity S

    I love popcorn balls & pumpkin cookies.

    wendy hier

    my son & his son cant have chocolate but white chocolate is fine. my grandson cannot have DAIRY products so he sadly is a bit harder..but a small chunk of white chocolate is fine, as long as its small. so i try to give soy made products..brownies made with soymilk, whatever someone has i make with soymilk or 100% milk free product.

    connie tudor

    i love skittles and m&m’s and carmel apples with no nuts at all.

    LisaK @ CanNeBodyHearMe

    Mmmm caramel apples are delicious!

    My favorite Halloween treat is…well, probably caramel apples actually! lol. I do love caramel apples (and I love Love With Food!)


    I love hot apple cider w/ carmel from Starbucks! Its quite a treat 🙂


    I love anything caramel and chocolate based! I have recently been on a roll with caramel treats. SOO tempted to just get some cupcakes, and dash it with caramel and chocolate- yum! Best Halloween treat.

    Caitlin M

    My favorite Halloween treat is homemade pumpkin bread that I make with my Aunt and Mommom every year! A delicious tradition.


    anything with pumpkin is a huge hit at my house!

    Kelly N.

    My favorite Halloween treat has always been Popcorn Balls. And there’s so many different ways of making it, I can’t wait!!!!!

    Renee Sirois

    Carmel Apples and Carmel Corn my grandmas recipe!

    Susan Sirois

    Carmel Apples and Carmel corn moms old redipe!

    kymi a

    My favorite is candy apples! thank you the recipe crossing my apples it comes out great! 🙂

    Lori S

    A local candy company in my area makes these awesome chocolate-covered caramel apples with different candy toppings layered all over the outside around Halloween each year. I wait all year for one of those!

    Andrea C

    candy corn, cupcakes, and caramel apples


    We make a candy fudge. Melt white chocolate and mix in different chopped up halloween candy- reeses, snickers, twix, crunch, whatever- press into a pan and chill! You can put all of your favorites in one treat!’


    Gotta love candy corn hands down!!!! It’s the only time of year to splurge on so much sugar