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    Anna Thomas

    What’s your favorite holiday dessert? Dixie Pie


    Panipopo (Hawaiian Coconut Bread). Takes me home to the islands every time!


    pumpkin gingerbread! I love the smell of holiday-dessert spices like nutmeg and clove…it makes me think of being at home with my family and sitting in front of the fireplace.

    Kathryn Good

    Oh, profiterole! So easy and yummy. Peppermint stick ice crea makes it the holidays!!

    Gina Gearin

    I know it’s not the typical pumpkin pie but my favorite holiday dessert is my moms banana pudding. To eat it gives me fond memories of mom. My mother passed this recipe on to me over 20 years ago. And I ways make it for the holidays. As delicious as it is it’s just not the same as my moms.