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    I could not have found your site and videos at a better time! Your advice is so straight forward and exactly what I need to hear as I get ready for our first child due in November. After watching you (somewhat obsessively) since yesterday, I already feel a little less nervous and more excited about what is to come.Thank you so much for posting these!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thank you so much! Really appreciate it, and so glad you like the videos!! Best of luck with your baby!!


    I’m in nursing school and we recently learned best practice is not to use a rectal thermometer, but instead to purchase the temporal artery thermometer.
    Your videos are quite useful. Thank you for them.


    Hi Melissa,

    Would you mind to post a video on Essential Baby Care Product (For Bath time and Health Purposes). I have seen the video you have on that but can you please be more specific on the brand and what we need to have handy on first few month? Also Would you please tell us what you really had in your diaper bag and what we should expect from a diaper bag? Can we use a big purse(with Insert) for a diaper bag? and what you need to take with you for a weekend in Baby’s first year?
    Sorry for bombarding you with Questions.