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    Lauren Martin

    I spill the beans and hope my busy mom friends can look like a pro chef in their house just like me! 🙂

    Stephanie Fulk

    This has no calories right?! It looks sooooooo good!

    Stephanie Fulk

    I pretend like I am a master chef! No one asks me for recipes, they just ask me to cook.

    Keri Harley

    Honestly, I always tell my friends how easy stuff is. Especially since I’m the only mother in my peer group thus far. They know my time is sparse so they always expect easy and delicious goodies/meals when I’m around 🙂


    I usually just spill the beans- I like surprising others with the fact that something that looks very complicated is actually very simple


    I always give recipes, simple or not……I absolutely despise when someone will not give a recipe out……it kills me


    omg its sooo easy and delicious. I am a mother of 2 and I give them pices of them they love it. And i recomend it to anyone

    Brandy Mason

    I definately give all the details. Sharing is caring. The easier, the better. And another reason: Other moms have secrets to share of their own version. Love It! It’s like finding a dollar in your pocket. Oh Yes, Pleae Share!


    Added some fresh lime juice to the apples before baking them too give them a tangy sweet flavor. Definitely a go-to for a quick dessert at a party.


    usually if it is a person i like i spill the beans… but if the person is mean to me and always trying to one up me i just keep my mouth shut.


    I always tell but my friends never believe me!


    Of course! I will always tell how simple the recipe is. I am flattered if they enjoy the food well enough to try it. I


    I gladly share recipes, my problem is that I usually don’t write mine down. I love cooking magazines and that is where I get most of mine, but there are a few recipes that I make (that I found in a recipe) and I didn’t write down and I guess how to make it. -I make a cheese dip with peppers, onions, aged cheese and worchester sauce , make it every Christmas but I dont’ know exactly how to make. I keep saying I will one day

    Mary Somerville

    I let them know they are easy recipes~ everyone is so busy, they deserve a break! I am looking forward to making your easy recipe!! Pies are my weakness!

    Lori C

    Sure, why not? Let others in on the secret to making an easy but tasty dish! Besides everyone knows I’m no master chef. They wouldn’t believe me if I told them it was complicated! 🙂