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    Pam Bybee

    Beef Stew, Chili……Soups gotta love them <3

    Laura C.

    I love chilis and soups but Rachael Ray has a recipe for Turkey Corn Chili that is awesome. The idea is to use leftover turkey from Thanksgiving but my husband likes to smokey turkey breast and I make this often with the leftovers!

    Cristal Rodriguez

    My favorite fall foods are homemade beef stew and homemade chicken noodle soup. Also, just bake me up an acorn squash, and I’m good to go for dinner!


    Pumpkin seeds, roasted marshmallows and my comfort drink for sure.. hard cider!! 🙂


    When the air starts getting cool, I love to make a big pot of chili! OH not to mention anything and everything with pumpkin in it!


    Yay for cold weather!! Would love to try this recipe out


    Pumpkin!!! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, etc. I could eat pumpkin desserts year-round, but when the leaves start changing, those pumpkin cravings really spike. 🙂 Fall is also the time I go back home to my favorite apple orchard and stock up on cider to freeze for the coming months. The store-bought kind just isn’t the same as the cider I grew up with.

    janice brockett

    When the weather has that nip in the air, I make my favorite comfort food.
    chicken and dumplings.
    there is something about rolling out my dough and dropping the cut pieces into that savory chicken and broth that, well, comforts me.

    Jasmin Wilson

    I love Chili in the Fall…With meat and beans…Add cheese and sour cream…Yummy..Eating a big bowl of chili always makes me feel great!

    Diana Vuong

    Mine would be chicken and vegetable noodle soup, ginger chicken, ginger cookies and ginger candies.

    Kim H

    I love eating a bit of warm chili on cold days!

    Amanda Carney

    Chili with cornbread is always a hit in my house! A weekly dish that never gets old!!! (:

    Kathryn Good

    Hi Melissa,
    This stew sounds great and reminds me of when I was a kid.
    For fall, I love soups: split pea and pumpkin. They are so easy and so delicious. I make mine vegetarian, but basic veggie, water and salt recipes can be made into anyon’s signature dish by adding grilled meat, leeks, spice…whatever you like.

    Gayle Iacofano

    This sounds so good! I love to make chicken and noodles when it starts getting cold out.


    This recipe sounds good but I don’t eat meat and still love to cook. I take any vegetables I have and put them in my slow cooker. They smell great and are great tasting too. My favorites are potatoes, turnips, carrots, green beans, onions, & I like to add some kind of green when it is close to done like kale, leeks or bok choy.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thanks so much to everyone who commented with all of their yummy ideas for fall foods! They got my mouth watering! We’ll be doing another Love with Food contest next Friday, so stay tuned, and thank you so much for commenting on CloudMom!!! Now, gotta grab some dinner! xo M

    Lori Williams

    I love a Hearty Cabbage Soup or a homemade Tomato Soup and grilled cheese!!


    Anything pumpkin, apple, or cinammon. Winter squashes. Red wine!