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    wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

    I used to love to build homemade haunted houses when I was little! My favorite thing was to put the TV on a fuzzy channel, and then draw a scary picture and tape it to the screen. Haha…seemed spooky at the time!

    Great ideas…thanks for sharing!


    Of all the Halloween decorations we have, my boys are obsessed with putting up fake spider webs and then they all get to pick where a handful of plastic spiders are going to sit on the web. It’s so fun to see how excited they get!


    We set out pumpkins, haunted house candle holders, and decorate the windows with bats.


    I don’t really decorate for Halloween. I put out fall flowers and pumpkins though. Still looking for the ideal scarecrow (or pattern for me to make)

    jeannine s (@mellanhead)

    We make homemade crafts and use old items around house. We try to go for fun right now since toddler is scared of scray


    We like to put out our spooky jars (milk jugs with faces painted on and a string of lights to light them up). Plus my little one likes to make ghosts and more pumpkins to decorate the windows and walls of the house.

    chana u

    we don’t decorate but would love to win thanks!


    I love decorating the table setting with an orange tablecloth and spread out red, orange, and yellow fake leaves around the table in between the dishes. It gives the house a nice fall look without overdoing it. Its simple and festive.

    Jennifer Bernal

    My sons birthday is on Halloween so decorating is a big deal around here. We never seem to finish decorating because my son always thinks we need more! We put on a Halloween movie and we have some fall inspired treats while decorate. I would live to win the blocks for him for his 5th birthday!


    Did anyone win the Tegu blocks?


    Hi Jennie! We declared the winner but are awaiting her reply to announce on FB. Another contest begins tomorrow. Many thanks for commenting!! xo Meliss