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    So much helpful information. Love the belly support pillow recommendations!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thank you so much, I loved my belly pillow and am still using it! xx

    This is so great! Thank you for sharing!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thank you so much for reading! Melissa x


    The pregnancy belly support pillow was a great help for my daughter.


    I’m at week 33, and I will say the skin discoloration is so real!! I have fair skin and freckles, and random splotches of melanin have popped up around my face and neck. Need to get on my kegel exercises- I’m so bad at remembering to do them!


    Really informative article .

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thank you so much, Alexia, and best of luck with your pregnancy!!!! Melissa x