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    I love the classic styles of J. Crew! Love it!


    Same here! Classic pieces great for work and/or play!

    Julie Wood

    I love the maxi dress that you are wearing! It looks so cute on you and J. Crew has amazing styles to choose from. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!


    The clothes at J. Crew are so sophisticated! I need new work clothes.

    Sarah Hayes

    j crew has so many amazing styles. Ive been a big fan for a long time and would love to shop their recent collections!


    The dress looks absolutely stunning on you! Would be perfect for my wife on a hot humid day.

    Beth Hern

    I love J. Crew. That dress looks so comfy.


    I’ve never had a good maxi dress, this one looks great!


    Thanks! I love maxi dresses! Especially for this time of year.

    JC R

    What a pretty dress, perfect for Florida. I love the classic style of J Crew.

    Angela Thomas

    This dress looks very nice, but super comfortable!! I would love to have one in my wardrobe!

    Shirley Smith

    Wow, Casa Pata’s looks like so much fun! What an awesome expierence your girls are getting. Taking in all the Culture is going to be a great memories for them forever.

    Sheila Ritter

    I love Maxi dresses, they are a huge staple to my summer wardrobe. They are really versatile, I love that you can dress them up or down depending on the occassion and they are always comfortable.


    I completely agree! That’s why I love them too!


    What a nice night out for you and the girls. Something to remember!

    Christina Sparks

    The dresses the kids were wearing in the video were really cute.

    Gina Ferrell

    I love to shop at J Crew and love the maxi dress so cute on you!


    I love J Crew.. if I win I’m totally getting that striped dress!