How to Style a Military Jacket

Hiyya mamas. Personally, I’ve gotten far away from knowing how to dress for a business-type meeting. Such a meeting popped up for me recently and I found myself at a loss as to what to wear. Glancing at the items in my closet, everything looked dowdy, boring and drab. Black, black and more black … grey … oh and don’t forget about the brown. White shirt, white blouse, white sweater. Neutrals had taken over. For my meeting, I didn’t want to show up wearing fuchsia, yet I wanted to look polished, clean and modern. Hmmm…

How to Wear a Military Style JacketHow to Style a Military Jacket

Dipping into my closet, I retrieved this military style jacket gifted to me from my Mom. I think she purchased it in the 80’s when big shoulders were in (remember shoulder pads?). I found a black slim pant that worked. Then, onto the blouse. Tucking in the blouse and just having the jacket show did not work. Turtleneck underneath — nope. Tank top, no way — too risky in case things got warm. A creme silk blouse looked too old-fashioned. I finally settled upon a crisp white, long, tuxedo-style blouse from Club Monaco I purchased four years ago. Some black booties with steel heels and off I went. What do you all think?Military JacketMilitary Style Jacket

Thoughts on where to buy a military style jacket or how to wear one? Weigh in below in the comments and enter to win a $50 Club Monaco gift card!

Are Military Jackets in Style?

I’m not one to worry too much about what’s in style. I like what I like, and my primary concern at most times is to feel comfortable. For my fashionista friends who do keep abreast of trends, I will opine, though, that like bell-bottoms, military style jackets never go out of style. They might get longer or shorter, have bigger or smaller shoulders, or different buttons, motifs, or embroidery. But military jackets have become so classic that you can always count on them. And like many jackets, you can dress them up or dress them down.Military Style Jacket LookMilitary Style Jacket OutfitThat’s it for this week’s fashion post. Thanks for stopping by. And check in next week for some more outfit ideas from yours truly.

Melissa xo

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