How Much Protein During Pregnancy?

Protein is an integral part of diet for pregnant women just as it is for all women.  A lot of newly pregnant women ask: “should I increase my protein during pregnancy”?  The answer quite simply is YES.  Whereas a woman who is not pregnant needs about 45 grams of protein daily, pregnant women need about 70 grams of protein daily.

How Much Protein During Pregnancy?

How did you get protein into your diet when pregnant?  Were there certain foods you craved that were protein-rich?  Comment below!

In this vlog, I walk through what I’ve learned regarding why protein is so important for pregnant women and then give some ideas for how to incorporate protein into your pregnancy diet.

Pregnancy cravings aside, it’s difficult coming up with healthy things to eat while pregnant, so hopefully, this vlog will give you some ideas. 

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  • IvoriRose

    I craved seafood for my entire pregnancy; fried / raw shrimp, lobster, tuna (real tuna, not the canned stuff), mackerel, salmon and crab ! I loved my seafood baked, grilled or fried, but I did not like any sauces or seasonings with it.

  • Kellie

    I would eat lots of chicken to get my protein in.

  • Jacqueline Hilerio

    Why have I never come across this ice cream before I would love to be apart of this giveaway.

  • vahso

    I am getting my protein eating Lamb about twice a week. My husband and I either roast it, make a curry with it, and burgers(ground lamb). I got thrifty last week and made a Quiche with it. YUM! I didn’t realize up until a couple of months ago(I am now 19weeks), Lamb is also high in Folate?! Chicken only has 5mcg of folate, while Lamb is around 21mcg. I knew there was a reason my body was craving lamb! :)

  • kolpin

    along with peanut butter protein bars, a lot of chicken and halibut!

  • karenbergreen

    I ate everything I saw and figured something had to have protein in it.