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    I craved seafood for my entire pregnancy; fried / raw shrimp, lobster, tuna (real tuna, not the canned stuff), mackerel, salmon and crab ! I loved my seafood baked, grilled or fried, but I did not like any sauces or seasonings with it.


    I would eat lots of chicken to get my protein in.

    Jacqueline Hilerio

    Why have I never come across this ice cream before I would love to be apart of this giveaway.


    I am getting my protein eating Lamb about twice a week. My husband and I either roast it, make a curry with it, and burgers(ground lamb). I got thrifty last week and made a Quiche with it. YUM! I didn’t realize up until a couple of months ago(I am now 19weeks), Lamb is also high in Folate?! Chicken only has 5mcg of folate, while Lamb is around 21mcg. I knew there was a reason my body was craving lamb! :)

    Melissa Lawrence

    love lamb, what a great idea to make the burghers!


    along with peanut butter protein bars, a lot of chicken and halibut!

    Melissa Lawrence

    love halibut, so yummy! How do you prepare it?


    I ate everything I saw and figured something had to have protein in it.