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    I LOVED the Fiber One Cereal Muffin recipe !

    Melissa Lawrence

    Gotta try that, what’s in it?


    Hi Melissa ! It’s a recipe on the back of the Fiber One cereal box 🙂

    Melissa Lawrence

    Well, I think I can handle that!! Thanks!

    Amanda Carney

    I ate a lot of raisin bran, toast, oatmeal, yogurt, etc. It was the only way that I could go and avoid awful hemmoroids. I think my body doesn’t realize what it’s missing vitamin and nutrient wise until I’m really missing it and then I suffer. so I’ve made it a point to keep feeding myself right for that purpose only.

    Melissa Lawrence

    It’s good to have such good habits and make that the norm! Amanda, you pretty much eat exactly what I do!!

    Daniela Vassallo

    I ate vegetables and fruits but ultimately Metamucil was my saving grace. And absolutely loved lemons.