Cloth Diapering 101: Buttons Diapers

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For many moms and dads, the notion of cloth diapers is overwhelming. If you’re considering using cloth diapers, you might be asking yourself “how do I use cloth diapers?”, “how will cloth diapers fit?”, “where will I store dirty or wet cloth diapers?” and “how do I wash cloth diapers?”

How to Use Cloth Diapershow to use cloth diapers with Buttons Diapers

By providing a fitted insert system (with double inserts for night time), that adjusts to your growing baby perfectly — and all the accessories for cloth diapering — Buttons Diapers takes the intimidating prospect of cloth diapering and renders it simple and easy for busy parents.

What Size Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

Buttons Diapers adorable, fashionable diapers fit your growing baby. Newborn Covers suit babies outfitted in cloth diapers from day one, who are 7-12 pounds. One Size Covers fit babies weighing 7-12 pounds. And Super Covers offer a roomier type of one-size cover, fitting babies and toddlers from 12-40 pounds.cloth diaperIn addition to providing a range of size-options, Buttons Diapers’ flexible inserts adapt to your growing baby’s changing dimensions. Daytime inserts snap right into the diaper covers. Nighttime inserts work as doublers, snapping into the diaper cover with a daytime insert snapped on top. These inserts come in three sizes: small – for babies weighing 7-15 lbs, large – for babies weighing 15-25 lbs, and xl — for babies weighing 25-40 lbs. Inserts also come in three fabric types: 1) microfiber (which are affordable, and made of a type of fleece that wicks away moisture and dries fast), 2) bamboo/cotton pros (composed of natural fibers and very absorbent), and 3) hemp/cotton pros (which offer super absorbency).how to use cloth diapers Store your soiled diapers in a convenient and adorable Hanging Wet/Dry Bag until you’re ready to wash them. The Wet/Dry bag harbors two sides: one holds your clean cloth diapers and the other holds the soiled ones. The interior of the bag is composed of a special waterproof lining which keeps moisture and odors in. Each bag has a handy strap for hanging from your stroller, door knob or hook.Wet Dry Bag for cloth diapersWith your covers and inserts sized for your baby, you’re good to go. Oh, but before even putting your cloth diaper on your baby remember that you can also go cloth for wipes. Many parents who have opted to cloth diaper also make the switch to cloth wipes. Buttons Diapers also offers cotton flannel wipes that can be washed alongside your diapers.

How to Wash Cloth Diapers

When ready to wash your cloth diapers, here’s what Buttons Diapers recommends:

  1. Remove solids into the toilet
  2. Separate cover from insert before washing
  3. Put cover, inserts and wet bags in washing machine together (convenient!)
  4. Cold rinse cycle to rinse away the yucky stuff
  5. Wash warm with detergent (I recommend an additive-free detergent)
  6. Tumble dry on medium.  Or air-dry to prolong their life.

Your load of fresh clean cloth diapers and wipes will become your favorite load of the week as you effortlessly pull them from the dryer or your clothes line, not needing to fold or iron-out wrinkles. Amen.Buttons cloth diapers Cloth diapering has become so easy, so practical, and so damn cute, that many parents are taking the plunge. In doing so, they’re not only raising their babies in a healthy way, they’re helping our dear Earth. This is how I feel when I buy more cloth diapers.So open your minds, mamas and papas, and give cloth diapering a try. And when you do, consider the Buttons Diapers practical, smart system. Busy parents need things that work and these diapers sure do.



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