Track your Baby's Development


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    C. Jackson

    Thanks for the information, I will pass this along to my sister-n-law.


    What a nice thing for new moms. It would make things so much easier for them.


    Right? It’s such a wonderful service that can help moms save a lot of money plus take some stress away!

    Sandy Klocinski

    Great info! It would certainly make things simpler for new moms.

    Mya Murphy

    I couldn’t ever have children but will pass along.


    I think it is great that insurance is covering breast pumps!

    Renea Cape Greathouse

    This is a great benefit for women who can breast feed!


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    There’s so much to do when you become a mom. This will be one less thing to worry about as a new mom.


    I had no idea that a breast pump could be covered by insurance.
    Lots of great info here – thanks.
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    Lisa Brown

    never knew insurance may cover the cost of the pumps, good to know.


    I used my insurance after my first child to help pay for a pump. It was a great benefit!

    Shekhynah Curtis

    This program could be a real game changer for women who otherwise might choose not to breastfeed.


    Glad that insurance can cover some of the expense.

    slehan at juno dot com


    Thank you for letting us know there is insurance coverage!

    Bryan Vice

    Insurance coverage is a must it is very expensive


    This is nice, back in the day when I breastfed, there was only a hand pump and that was all, this sure would have made things easier.

    crystal frey

    thank goodness for this pump and insurance

    Jerry Marquardt

    I will be referring this webpage to my cousin tomorrow. Thanks for the share.