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    Brandy Schwartz

    These are so cute! And, I love that the size is adjustable.

    Kari Lorz

    I loved these guys, super soft – perfect for drooly chins 🙂


    These sound like they really work great and I love the designs.

    Becky Kinard

    These are cute and I love that they are adjustable so they will fit your baby as they grow.


    Love that too! They are really the perfect bibs!


    I love the fit of them. Great review. Thanks! <3 The patterns are super cute as well.

    Stephanie Phelps

    I love these and would want all the design. This are the cutest ever!


    Right? Super cute patterns!! Love the variety!

    Stephanie Phelps

    Oh I know you could have one for every outfit! 🙂


    These are very cute. I love the colors and patterns.


    We went through a ton of bibs during the first few months because my son had reflux really bad. He literally wore one almost constantly for about 4 months. While I like the terry type for milk spit ups, the bandana style bibs are super cute for going out. They look like they’re part of an outfit instead of being obviously a bib. I’m wanting to get a few more before LO#2 gets here in 2 months.

    Becky Kinard

    The bibs are cute and they have a large variety for both girls and boys! These really make great gifts!

    Jennifer Keating

    So cute! Wish I had seen these when my kids were little!

    Candace Galan

    These are so cute, have to get some for my baby that’s will be here next year

    Kristina Prewitt

    Darling designs! Fashionable bibs are a must for my teething ten month old!!


    These look very soft and comfy! The quality is amazing!

    Georgia Hatheway Beckman

    Really cute fabrics & they look super soft. Love the adjustable fit. These look like a real win!

    shannon fowler

    These are so cute! I love all the different fabrics.

    Theresa Hover

    I love the Morning Dew collection! They seem so soft and stylish!


    I want every collection! Ha ha. Obsessed!

    Christine Lewis

    cute- nice that they are so adjustable

    Leigh Williams Kitchens

    I love that they are so adjustable because babies come in different sizes…right?!


    ooh! I love the three snaps for different sizing options! things that wear the longest = best!

    Thomasina Archer

    Love the extra snap and that they aren’t serged! Cute prints too!

    Heather A.E.

    These bibs are adorable! Love the fact that they have three snaps.


    I like the fabrics these are made of.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

    Shane A

    These are a very good-looking alternative to traditional bibs. I bet the 3-snap helps out a lot too.

    Mary Gardner

    I love that these are adjustable. What a great idea!


    These are so cute! Love the seams being on the inside. looks much neater that way


    Very nice giveaway!! hoping to win for our grandbaby that’s on her way!!!

    Angie Erickson

    Very unique style, sharp, love them!!


    My youngest is at the drooly stage right now.


    These are so cute! Spit up definitely gets EVERYWHERE.


    Oh yes it does! That’s why these bibs are lifesavers!


    My grandson is teething and drools like a Saint Bernard..These would be great 🙂

    Mary Gardner

    These look like they are a great quality and I love the colors!

    Jerry Marquardt

    The designs are so original and very elegant. I love them a lot.

    Dana Rodriguez

    Those are really cute and I love the added features others don’t have,

    William Dao

    The designs look absolutely fabulous, I love it!

    Kari Lorz

    These are adorable! I love that they put a focus on softness!

    Michele Amberik-Brown

    love the designs and they are unique. my grandson (5 months) would look so adorable in them.

    shannon fowler

    These are so adorable! My best friend is having her first this december, so this might be the perfect gift.


    So exciting! Congrats to your best friend! 🙂


    My sister in law is pregnant again and I am sure the baby would look good in these bibs!

    Seyma Shabbir

    This is perfect for catching dribbles. I love it!

    donna porter

    These would be perfect for my nephew.

    Mary Gardner

    These are so much cuter than a regular bib and I love the design options!


    I like the absorbent fleece for spills Rosanne

    Buddy Garrett

    I love them. I wish we had them when our daughter was a baby.

    Jerry Marquardt

    I would like to thank you so much for your involvement in this fine giveaway. Thanks for giving a chance for us to win.


    sometimes I wish those bibs went to the floor Rosanne