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    Dandi D

    I am so excited about this giveaway because I would love to try this brand of diapers!

    Pat Ferro

    What an amazing giveaway.. thank you for the chance… Haven’t tried this brand of diapers and this would be a great way to try them! TY

    Amy Hall

    Thank you! I’ve never tried this brand before.

    Marie Lowther

    this is an amazing giveaway! Thank you so very much!

    April H

    What a great package! It’s exciting you could fully cloth diaper for just $200!!


    I’m excited for whoever the lucky winner will be! 🙂

    Lisa Brown

    cloth diapers are great, those look reliable and comfortable for the little ones 🙂


    Cloth diapers are so much easier now than the old fold and safety pin ones my kids were in.

    Ashley Nolan

    I’m excited about these cloth diapers!


    I’m excited about them too!! Thanks for reading!


    I have never used cloth diapers but I can see what savings it can be.


    They are an excellent option for new parents!

    Alysia M.

    These diapers look great! Wonderful giveaway!


    They are wonderful! Thanks for entering!


    Right? Whoever wins is going to be one lucky person!! Thank you for entering and good luck! 🙂

    Darlene Carbajal

    Never tried these before. Would be great for my niece and nephew.

    donna porter

    These diapers look wonderful. My mom used cloth diapers on all of her kids just nothing like these!


    They are wonderful! Thanks for checking them out!

    Krissie Lambert

    This is incredible! My mom and I had a conversation about cloth she used when I was a kid and they have come so far!


    It’s like night and day how far they have come! EcoAble’s are just fantastic!


    I would be interested to try the hybrids. I love the idea of aios, but the few I have do take forever to dry.


    What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for the chance. I used cloth diapers in the 80’s and they have come along way since then. I am trying to get the parents of my 6 month old grandson to switch from the disposables. I use them on him when I have him.

    Janae L

    Would love to try this brand! Especially the nighttime diapers.

    C Gaile Jenkins

    I sure wish I could enter this contest in Canada, as this win would make a real difference for orphans in orphanages of Ethiopia. I take all kinds of cloth diapering supplies to Ethiopia snd these would be perfect!!!

    Laurie Hankins

    Awesome giveaway! I hope to win, definitely be a big help diapering my twins! The prints are adorable.


    Aren’t they just the cutest? Love that they have a variety of so many cute choices. Good luck!

    melissa churilla

    I would love to get some more girlie prints or color 🙂


    They have the cutest prints! Good luck, Melissa!

    Joan Taylor

    Expecting my second baby in December amd we plan on cloth diapering this time around! This would be the perfect bundle to get us started!

    Jacky Trevino

    I got a ecoable AIO from a lady. I can wait to try it to see if I like it and buy a bunch more as they seem afordable


    I would love to try out pocket diapers. Especially for my husband who doesn’t do flats!

    Joy L

    Would love to win this to build a stash for baby we are hoping for. Thanks!

    Natasha Green

    My baby boy could really use these. Our cloth diapers are pre owned and my boy is a heavy wetter so sometimes he’s wet the bed by morning time. This would help us out so much to have a new stash since he’s getting bigger and I don’t know how much longer our diapers will hold up. I don’t want to give up cloth diapering !

    Annie Mohammad Minhas

    We dont have any good cloth diapers in dubai . I would love to win it for my son who is a heavy wetter

    Isabel Whited

    These diapers are really cute! I’d love to give them a try.

    Megan Norris

    Hoping to win a stash for my newborn, we love these diapers for our 2 year old!

    Brittany K.

    Would love to win these so I am finally able to make the switch from disposables. My son needs these!

    Courtney South

    I have been wanting to try Ecoable! I have their charcoal liners! Love!! I have read great things about these diapers and I think they would work especially the night ones because we are a heavy wetter!! Thanks for the chance I’d love to give these a whirl!! How generous of you!!!

    Amy shippy

    I would love to try these diapers!! I only have alvas right now so I would love to try some higher quality ones.

    Danielle Huff

    I’m so excited to have the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!! Cloth is life around my house, we absolutely love them! ❤️

    Keandra KeKe Tripp

    I’m TTC I think winning these would activate the baby magic in the universe


    I love all the Eco Able products, the newest thing we had recently tied is EcoAble trainers, absolutly must have! I wish to win some of them, they are too cute and comfy.

    Katherine Qualls

    I am wanting to try cloth diapers! This would be a great contest for me to win, and be won over by using cloth!


    This is super cool. Cloth diapers are awesome!!!

    Kelsey Beardsley

    We would love the opportunity to win these diapers for my youngest son. He is an extreme heavy wetter and we have one EcoAble diaper that we absolutely love.


    This is so exciting! Most people I know keep saying I’ll hate cloth diapers but I’m really excited to try! I didn’t with my daughter but I’m going to with my son! This would be a huge blessing but I hope whoever receives it is truly blessed by this awesome gift!

    Christina Almond

    Awesome! I believe in cloth diapering–so much cheaper and better for the environment!

    Nicole Bradley

    baby#3 will soon be here& we need to build our stash, yes please!!!!

    Tanya Nicole Bowren

    I just started cloth diapering my 5-month-old. I would love to try some new brands and styles!

    Katie Eliason

    Oh man I hope I win! Really love cloth, but can’t afford to buy more.


    I love ecoable and would love to build my whole stash out of their diapers!

    kelly light

    these are great and would be wonderful for my new grandbaby!

    debra dubois

    I would love to try these diapers new granddaughter and they want to go cloth just need to get the money so I would love to win for them that would be amazing for sure.

    Wendy Browne

    I’ve been using pockets for over a year and a half. I haven’t tried ecoAble yet.


    This is amazing! I am so happy giveaways like this happen! I would love to try them out. I am a new mom.. due November 5th. Researching away! <3


    Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to expand our stash!

    Shannon Creeden Jones

    I would love the opportunity to try these diapers out and expand my stash! It’s awesome that your doing such a large give away!

    Jessie Hughes

    I have followed EcoAble diapers for a while and have been wanting to try them! Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

    Kelsey Jean

    I don’t have any cloth diapers yet, and I would love to start out exclusively cloth-diapering my baby (due in 2-3 weeks) to avoid disposables entirely. Thanks for this exciting giveaway opportunity!

    Ashley Lister

    What a great giveaway! Would love to try out these diapers!


    These look like great diapers! We just loaned our cloth out and surprise found out the same week we are expecting another little one, would love to win these and keep the new babe in cloth 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway

    Alex Chesnut

    This would be amazing to begin my Cloth Diapering journey!!

    Lexy Piccioni

    As a single mom of two, I didn’t have a washer and dryer in our smaller apartment. I can now afford to move and would love to start our cloth journey!


    I haven’t tried it, but you’re supposed to be able to hand wash and hang dry flats and covers. In our old apartment, we washed using the laundromat and hung dry. It was still cheaper than disposables!

    Leigh Williams Kitchens

    Wonderful giveaway! If I win I may have to share with a pregnant friend who wants to start cloth diapering with her 2nd child!

    Wendy Thao

    Would love this !! I am expecting my first and just starting my stash !


    Congrats, Wendy!! So exciting! TY for entering!


    My son and daughter in law are expecting and tryng to get ready. They want to use cloth diapers. Thanks for the giveaway. It will be a huge blessing to someone. 🙂


    How exciting! 🙂 Congrats and TY for entering!

    Ashley smith

    What an awesome giveaway, thanks so much for this opportunity!


    I want that kitty one! So Cute!


    They have so many cute patterns to pick from – love that they have such a big selection!


    I’d love to give these a try. I have two in diapers.


    I love the awesome prints. Main reason why I use cloth diapers.


    Such a generous giveaway! Ecoable diapers are great!


    Has a winner been announced?


    Lucky winner’s name is on the giveaway widget. Thanks for entering, Taylor!


    Have you announced a winner? The widget just says that the competition has ended

    Danielle Huff

    I keep checking, still just says the competition ended.


    Giveaway winner’s name should be on the giveaway widget and will be shipped their prize soon. TY so much for entering, Brittany!


    Are we still waiting for the winner to be announced, or did I miss something?


    Winner’s name is on the giveaway widget now. So sorry for the delay! Thank you for entering, Danielle!


    It states the winner will be announced on the wiget within 48 hours of contest ending. Are we still waiting or has the winner been picked? The suspense is tearing me up!


    Sorry about that, Barbara! Crazy busy time for my family with all 5 kids going back to school and traveling. Winner should be on the widget now. Thanks so much for entering. Again, sorry for the delay!!!


    So this was a scam? Because you haven’t announced a winner and it’s now well past 48 past contest ending.


    Hi Emily – no it wasn’t. The winner’s name should be on the giveaway widget on this post and I have contacted EcoAble with their info – the lucky winner will get their prize shipped to them soon. Thanks for entering!


    Hi Alexis! Name should be on there now. Sorry for the delay! TY for entering!!