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    I love that you can wash these in the washer!

    Pat F

    brand new to cloth thanks for all the tips and hints !

    Cheryl Chervitz

    I wish these would have been around when I had little ones. They are so cute.

    Ray Koo

    Very informative and interesting! Gonna tell my friend with a baby about it.

    Sandy Klocinski

    Wish they’d had these when my daughter was little! I’m spreading the word to all the moms I know.


    I love that they are so cute and have so many patterns.

    shannon fowler

    Ive heard so much about cloth diapers. It seems like a great option these days

    Shane A

    These are some very nice looking patterns. These would be great from my nephew.

    Jerry Marquardt

    Cloth is coming back more and more each year. The patterns here are very welcoming. Thanks for the review.


    It may mostly be a male thing or more likely just me but the cloth option is the opposite of an attractive option.

    C. Jackson

    Cloth diapers have become very popular again. Thanks for sharing.


    I know you have helped someone with this article


    Hopefully someone discovered how beneficial cloth diapers can be and now better understand some of the basics of owning them! 🙂 Thanks for reading, Theresa!

    Brandy Schwartz

    Very helpful. Cloth diapers have come a long way since I used them!


    I wish more parents would discover cloth diapers!


    Cloth diapers are wonderful and can save you a fortune.

    Sarah Hayes

    i love these diapers. they have some really cute prints


    Don’t they?? They really do have a super cute selection of prints!

    Amy Deeter

    i wish i would have used these when my children were little