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    Hi! Can you please tell me the brand of sleep sack your friend uses? I like the fact that it is extendable, but I cannot seem to find any that do that. Furthermore, most of the sleep sacks I’ve seen are quite thin. Is there a thicker sleep sack that is NOT made of fleece for the winter time? Ideally, I’d like to find a thicker, winter-time sleep sack made of cotton. Thanks!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Joy, are you ok with me using your first name only and posting this question on our FB page? I am curious as to what people recommend also. I was much more of a swaddle-type – LMK, xo M


    Hi! This is so helpful. Good advice on the side snap t-shirts. I always assumed we’d start with onesie’s but these make more sense. However, what would you pair with the side snap t-shirt that won’t rub on the umbilical cord stump? Our baby is due in February (in a cold climate) so just wonder how to layer for warmth without rubbing on the cord stump!


    Melissa Lawrence

    I had very warm pajamas and I swaddled. So you can put a button down pajama over the side snap t-shirt and that works quite well. The belly button was fine for me when I did this, and that only lasts a short time! Best of luck with your baby! I have some videos on winter babies as well so check those out!