What To Do When Toddler Throws His Cup?

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So we’ve all been there.  You sit down to have a meal with your toddler and they throw their cup.  You reach down and get it and they throw it again.  Then they laugh in your face.  You’re a pawn in their game and there’s no getting out of it.

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Discipling Toddlers

I hate the idea of disciplining toddlers (and let me just say, that this is not an example of behavior problems in toddlers or anything like that, in my view, not at all.)  Rather, to me a toddler who throws things is just pushing the boundaries to see how far he can go – something we all do! Sippy cups for toddlers were sort of manufactured with this idea in mind!  They knew they were just going to throw them!

Anyway, watch this video for my two cents on what you do when a toddler throws things and tests your patience and let me know if you agree with what I do!  Am I right or wrong?

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