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    My tip for flying with an infant…..Dont do it!!!! Too stressful

    Lori S

    I have never flown with an infant and car trips are usually easy because the car ride puts them to sleep, so I don’t have any tips from personal experience to share, but I remembered reading this story not too long ago that I had to share. A family on their first flight with twin baby boys passed out small bags of candy to all the passengers with a note explaining the situation and offering earplugs to anyone who needed them. Read the full story here:

    Melissa Lawrence

    Lori, I had heard this story too and thought that was really great, sweeten the waters, as they say!

    Tina Tapia

    I have never done this however I think the idea is awesome. A parent of a baby made dozens of ziplock bags with a small note in them saying something like “baby’s first plane ride, please excuse any crying that may be disruptive” and also included a bunch of candy and ear plugs in the bag. What a great idea!


    We flew when my daughter was 3 months old, and are planning other plane trips for the holidays. My tip is to check all your bags and only carry on a diaper bag. Juggling a baby is a lot, and having to deal with finding overhead bin space isn’t worth it when you just need to get settled in your seat. It also helps to fly with someone who can help you along the way! In the end, it probably will go much better than you expected!


    My tip is to book your flights as early as possible. Sure it stinks to get up earlier, but your baby hasnt been worn down by the day or had its nap/eating schedule altered. Also most flights are still on schedule in the morning.


    Amanda – great tip! Less crowded at the airport too! End of day is a total nightmare!


    I’ve already flown with my 5 month old 4 times (just the two of us!) and have driven from Texas to South Carolina, SC to FL, and SC to Georgia. He’s one well traveled baby!

    My tips would be:
    -Get them used to it early. If it’s a normal part of life it will be less stressful on mom and baby.
    -Use a wrap/carrier/sling in the airport. I put the little guy in our Moby and then have my hands free to do what I need. You can even wear them through security. The stroller then just becomes an easy means of pushing around our stuff.
    -Limit carry-ons. If you are bringing a car seat limit yourself to one carry on. Getting down the tiny plane aisle with a seat, a baby, and more than one bag is too hard.
    -Easy access to a change of shirt for baby and mom.
    -Use pill boxes with a sticker or toy inside each section. Open as needed.
    -Don’t give them all the toys at once! Try to make each one last as long as possible.


    Casey these are great tips too – thanks! You are so right you can’t give out all the goodies at the beginning!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Congrats to Amanda on winning this giveaway! Thanks for the great tip about flying early in the day…We’ll be in touch about your prize. I hope everyone survived their Thanksgiving travel!