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    Christine Johnson

    I was given a used car seat carrier stroller frame by a friend and it is the only stroller we have had and used for 7 months. I love that it is so lightweight! But now that my baby weighs 20+ lbs, moving her car seat on and off of it is getting harder!

    Lori S

    I bought a travel system but wish I had bought one of these instead. The stroller that the car seat carrier came with is VERY heavy. At the time, it seemed like a simpler way to buy everything I’d need and I thought I’d enjoy using it when my first-born was old enough to graduate to the stroller, but I really didn’t like how heavy it was and difficult it was to get into the back of the SUV. I ended up buying a second, much lighter stroller to use instead.

    Amanda Carney

    I was very happy with my travel system. we’re now using it for our second child and it’s perfect! if I want to leave the baby in the car seat, I can. and if not, then I don’t have a separate stroller to carry around.