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    Traveling With Baby on Board | CloudMom

    […] were traveling with a toddler, and were told their number of carry-on bags exceeded capacity (included in this count was a paper […]


    Our travel trick is to invest in a good thermos. Have one of the restaurants at the airport fill it with super hot water, and you have enough hot water to warm 2 bottles of pumped milk.

    Cristina Gonzalez

    I always take a wet bag for dirty clothes, baby wipes galore, and I never forget extra clothes for myself.

    helen rowland

    What i pack is plenty of diapers and wipes! enough clothes for the trip and a couple of spare outfits as well because babies are messy! I always need to pack lots of different snacks because i never know what mood they will be in! Some of her favorite toys, a blanket, some milk (with ice packs), diaper cream, and some medicine (just in case)!


    Moby Wrap or Baby Bjorn. So much less hassle than a stroller for air travel and sight seeing!


    I always bring a cooler, since he’s teething and cold milk has more success than room temperature!

    But most of our trips are a week or more, so I have a lot of things I end up bringing, since we go to multiple locations over the course of the trips, and a lot of them don’t have anything to accommodate a baby.


    We always pack wipes, wet bags and pacifiers!


    A carrier to wear the baby through the airport/crowded areas and his lovey to help him feel comfortable in the chaos!!

    Abbee Nguyen

    My husband and I travel quite a bit with our 9 month old daughter – in addition to the bare necessities the three things we simply cannot leave home without are:

    1) Plums Organi Super Puffs & Pouches – Absolute life savers when your on the go.
    2) Aden and Anais Swaddle Blanket perfect for cool nights and even to lay over your changing pad or as blanket to sit on in the park
    3) Sofie the Giraffe (Not sure what it is about Sofie) but she sure does entertain my daughter.

    Thank you for your time and your awesome BLOG!Love everything about it!

    Tina p

    My son loves his pacis, so we always have to make sure we have at least 2 wubbanubs 🙂


    My boobs! (For breast feeding to help calm baby on take-off and landing).

    Amanda Winn

    We always travel with snacks and books!!! He loves both!!!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Amanda, I had done this from day 1 and I truly think the books are just great for the kids… they get so used to entertaining themselves through books, and I think eventually it helps them become good readers too! We just flew down to Florida and everyone had a backpack with books!

    Sara F

    We always take our Boon spoons that screw on to baby food pouches. Makes feeding the baby on the go so easy!


    My ergo carrier! Or the spoons you just screw onto the end of a food squeeze pack. So easy for feeding on the go!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Love the ergo, what brand of spoons do you buy? I have a show on the ergo coming out soon, I never had one– wish that I had!


    My carrier is my must have!
    I havent travelled yet, but i’m currently planning a trip and i think i would could leave everything behind BUT a carrier!
    I can just see my hands falling off hauling baby around!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Patricia, what kind of carrier do you have and what do you like about it? I just did a whole bunch of carrier shows that I am so excited to be releasing, there are so many wonderful new carriers now that didn’t exist when I had my first baby…


    I thought I commented before but i dont see it. But I take snacks everywhere, even just to the store, Goldfish and/or baby puffs. Oh and at least one paci.

    Melissa Lawrence

    it’s good to be prepared, and goldfish are always a crowd pleaser!


    Diaper, wipes, a sippy cup of water and a few plum pouches and goldfish crackers

    Stephanie H

    Wipes and snacks. The wipes can be used for so many cleaning jobs that pop up as you go and food makes my baby very happy (like her Mama). 😉

    Amanda Carney

    we just bought 2 piddle pads and since we’re in the middle of potty training as well, we always make sure that we have the extra one, and extra couple pairs of panties, and some extra shorts. I love the piddle pad because it sits on the car seat and has a hole for the car seat buckle. if she has an accident in the car, it holds up to a cup of fluid and it saves her car seat cover from needing to be taken off and washed. (:

    Melissa Lawrence

    OMG I must buy one immediately — where did you get this? Can you believe I’ve never heard of it?

    Samantha Vermeulen

    Must have a baby sling! You have to be hands free when traveling!


    I always make sure I have my children’s insurance cards and a medical release in my bag in case of any accidents! I also always have snacks, quiet books, and a photo album of family members for for my toddler. He loves looking at photos of people he knows!

    Pia Raymond

    The Ergo Carrier is an absolute must have! I never leave home without it and my 27 pound son is already 17 months old. They are so comforted by the closeness that no other travel mishap will truly worry them. Additionally, when you put the baby on your back you have a hands free experience to prepare all the rest of your stuff.


    food, food, food!!! organic finger foods are the best especially plum brand!

    Funky Donkey

    I confirm books. Our son loves them. I stopped to control how many of them he alteady has at home and on the car…