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    Kay Saunders

    I have to be honest… I have a very weak bladder and I haven’t even had kids yet. Sneezing, laughing, even an unexpected cough and I pee myself. Anyway, thank you for the chance to improve that 😀


    It’s such a common issue among women that we should be talking more about it! Thanks so much for reading and entering, good luck xo


    I may be well past post-birth but I do need to work the pelvic floor muscles for improved control of urine!


    Definitely! It can be useful for women of all ages.

    Christina Hum

    This reminds me of the rehab women get in France after giving birth to help strengthen their pelvis floor muscles. I love that there are options in the US now, like this one. And this sounds so convenient to be able to do at your own time at home!

    Sandra Watts

    Getting up there in age and cringe whenever I have to sneeze. This could be useful.


    Definitely! Thanks so much for entering, good luck xo


    Awesome prize! Can’t wait! 🙂


    I agree!! Thanks so much for reading and entering xo

    Sharon Bruen

    Kegels are very important. I often forget to do them. I really should since your pelvis floor helps with making sure so much down there works.


    Yes! We forget how important it is and how much of an effect it can have on our daily lives as women. Thanks for reading!

    Amanda Throckmorton

    I only entered because my friend really needs this and I entered on her link. Good luck

    Julie Waldron

    I could really use this! I even leak when I trip. :/

    Brandon Sparks

    This would be so perfect for my wife.

    Alicia Hewitt

    Great giveaway. I could use something like this.