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    Soaking the pad in a strong Comfrey/Calendula solution before freezing it is even better than Witch Hazel!


    Marlene, you are such a wealth of info! Are you ok if we post to our FB and use name “Marlene”? It’s a great tip… we might post some good tips later on! xoxoxo Melissa


    One thing I did was to use warm water (instead of cold) in the water bottle. I found the warm water to be less shocking & more soothing (I find it’s hard to pee when you’re cold!;) Also, I used Dibucaine ointment on the witch hazel pad to help soothe the pain from the swelling/hemorrhoids…this works great! You can’t always find it at the drugstore, but the hospital will give you some & I ordered it online for a lot less than the drugstore prices!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi Bethannie — thanks for the tip on the Dibucaine! Good one!


    I got all of those when i was in the hospital and i def. kept the spray because im prego again


    Hi Melissa!

    I just discovered your vlog on the What to Expect Website and I am watching video after video! Our first baby is due in March and I still feel so unprepared so your videos have been amazing. Especially the ones about how to take care of yourself after your bundle arrives.

    I loved this video about the padsicles. I had heard of them before and after watching your video looked up some recipes on pinterest (the go to for any woman in my opinion) and found a recipe that also called for aloe vera gel and…lavender oil?

    What are your thoughts on adding these two ingredients? I imagine you will have us refer this question to our OB but I was wondering if you had heard of this before and if there were any soothing benefits or if ingredients, such as the oil, are more so for (*whisper*) cutting back on any unpleasant odor.


    The Mid West Wife

    Melissa Lawrence

    Interesting! I am a huge fan of aloe and I love organic aloe gel for my face and hair. Re the lavender, don’t know whether it has the same healing properties. That is an area that you want to keep very sterile, so check with your OB on these, but let me know how it goes.


    Hi Melissa,

    Good to know! I am pregnant for the first time and people DO NOT tell you these kind of things up front, which is a shame… Luckily though I came across your blog 🙂 Since I do not live in the U.S and witch hazel is not very common here I guess I will order it on Amazon. Can you please tell me if it should or should not contain alcohol? I see many different brands, mostly by “Thayers”. Some even contain Aloe Vera which I suppose is a good thing…


    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi there! Not being an expert, I would say if you had the choice not to have alcohol, I might go for that, and I love the idea of aloe vera, that is a wonderful product. Good luck!