Track your Baby's Development


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    Amelia Johnson

    Such an important topic to give light to!


    Every parent needs to know about SIDS risk!


    Yes they do and hopefully this will help raise awareness of it!

    Pat Ferro

    I have learned the ABC of sleeping.. Alone on the Back in a Crib to help prevent sids..

    Cheryl Chervitz

    What a great idea. I would have used it when my kids were little.


    Isn’t it? I love that this is a great and safe option for new parents today!

    shannon fowler

    This is a great article. I know so many of my friends who worry with their first baby.


    We lost our son Justin to SIDS in 1988..I wish they had had products like this back then.


    Very sorry to hear that, Kathy. I can’t even imagine. I just hope to help raise awareness of SIDS and prevent this from happening to others. xxx

    Amy Diane Leigh

    With me. I had something like this but other as as neat. Also had one of those high cribs…or play pens with a little bed kind of like this for beside the bed where you are down one side to comfort or bright the baby to you to nurse.

    Jerry Marquardt

    I thank you for the information on this. I give to this cause at least two times a year.


    Thanks for reading, Jerry! It’s very important to be aware of and informed on SIDS!!


    My newborns slept in a crib and on their sides (1978-1991) Rosanne

    Elicia P

    Yep, I will be the one to say it. My kids sleep in bed with me. Safely that is. Pretty much thought there was a study that safe co-sleeping was a reducer in SIDS.
    With that said. I think I read that in Europe they are sending new moms home with this for their babies to sleep in.
    Wish the US would get on board. I do like this option although, my kids still would sleep with me. As I have a co-sleeper next to the bed but it did not last too long.

    Dana Rodriguez

    This is a great article. A good friend of mine lost her baby to SIDS and it was devastating. I wish she had had a Smitten.