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    I think the boob pads do give you a little something and look completely natural – nice find, although I will NOT be needing those. It is interesting to hear another perspective because I was very busty before kids and got to a part of the alphabet I did not know existed in bra sizes while nursing, but after I stopped nursing my first child I thought that was the one of the best parts of stopping – my new smaller bust size! I got down to a single D after I stopped nursing – I could buy nice pretty bras, fit into dresses better – I loved it. I am still nursing my second son now (14 months), and I will be sad when it ends but I am looking forward to my boobs getting smaller. I do wish they were a little firmer though!


    Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m now jealous of your boobs, as well as Jessica Simpson’s! Great job breastfeeding for so long, by the way!


    I’ve always had small boobs, Filled an A cup only when I was nursing. Usually don’t wear bras. (ever try to find a 38 AA?) except when my milk was 1st coming in. I nursed my 7 kids 3 yrs each for 14 consecutive yrs, Having them 2 yrs apart, I was often tandem nursing. My boobs don’t sag, even though, over the yrs I have gained some wt, so that I now would fill an A cup, even though my nursing days are long gone.
    I do think that constantly wearing bras does not give your mammary muscles a chance to develop. By going bra-less most of my life, my mammary muscles are developed enough that I don’t sag. It is not breastfeeding that makes saggy boobs, but lack of mammary muscle development. True, the bigger your boobs, the greater chance of some sagging, but I have also seen women w small boobs that look like just a fold of saggy skin with no perk at all. So if it were nursing that caused saggy boobs, mine would also be just a fold of skin.
    I do like your idea of using those gel pads, but I’d have to buy a bra 1st! Then my husband would think its my evil twin or something!


    Wow, congrats on raising 7 kids — I thought having 5 was hard! Interesting point about the mammary muscles…I might be too afraid to give up my bra and gel pads, though!


    I lost my beautiful girls and a year after nursing I still have milk!! ahhhh I would welcome no volume to oh no moments- any tips to the post nursing mom?


    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Leaking milk can be tough under any circumstances, and I think some people just continue to produce milk for longer than others after they stop nursing. Soft cotton nursing pads are always a good bet (check out my recommendations:, but I never hesitate to give my doctor a call whenever I have concerns like that! Thanks for watching CloudMom!



    Pre-baby I didn’t even fill an A cup, pp I did finally fill the A cup. After the initial engorgement I was halfway between the A cup & my prepregnant size. I nursed continually for the next 14 yrs, through 7 babies, tandem nursing many of those yrs. I burnt my bras back in the early 70’s with the rest of the hippies. Wearing a bra only in the early, engorgement phase of nursing after each baby. I never sagged. I guess gravity was on my side, not having big boobs to begin with. Now, yrs later, I have put on a few pounds here & there, boobs included. I think I would probably fill an A ,almost a B, if I had a bra to wear, but I don’t, & have no desire to ever wear one again. If coverage is needed, I wear an undershirt. My boobs did start to sag a little, by the time I turned 60, but still look pretty perky!