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    YES! Big changes and none that I am happy with. I don’t regret nursing/pumping for my two (for a total of 2.5 YEARS of nursing/pumping) but I do miss feeling and looking “womanly”. I also lost a lot of weight post baby #2 so I know that has some to do with it but I went from a 34B to a 30AA. THERE’S NOTHING LEFT!! I’m very self-conscious about it all the time but it is what it is. It has been about 7 months since I stopped so maybe there’s hope in some “bounce back” but I’m not holding my breath! I have coped by purchasing some silicone bra inserts that work pretty well. They give me about an extra cup size. Still not great, but it does help!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Kathy, you sound exactly like me! I did see a bit of “come back” after the 12 month mark. I use those inserts also! Hang in there and keep me posted!


    I just weaned my 4th and have nursed for about 4.5 years total. I was a 34 DD and now I am probably a 32C!! Like you, my husband doesn’t care but says if I want to fix them he would support me. I am also pretty lopsided. My last baby really preferred one side and that has left me looking… Lovely. Anyway, I haven’t had her weaned long enough to know what I will end up with but I hope that age is on my side and the girls decide to bounce back. I feel like I roll them up into my bra everyday because it is mostly just skin! I weigh about 112 right now but when 9 months pregnant I get up to about 160. I don’t know how that plays into it because I have been pregnant or nursing a baby for all but 3 months of the past 7 years.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Wow, Laurel – that sounds like me too. I bet they bounce back! You just stopped nursing… I think it can take 1-2 years to know what you’re looking at b/c I am still seeing a bit of improvement over here… hang in there, xoxo M