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    I think sensitive mothers should ask fathers when they should stop breastfeeding and how it makes them feel. But, in the end, the mother owns the breasts and they should probably have final say. For me, nursing was not a turn-off but it was a trying time to have little ones because there was very little time/energy left for me and our husband/wide relationship.


    It is certainly a huge commitment, I agree with you that the dad’s views should be taken into account but he should not have veto power!


    I have had alot of trouble with this. I just had my third baby about 3 months ago. My husband has never really been supportive of breastfeeding. His mom never did, so I sometimes feel like he thinks it’s wrong to breastfeed. I try to explain the benefits of it, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. When she cries he always comments, “I know, I’m sorry I can’t feed you”. It kind of feels like a jab at me. I only breastfed baby number 1 for 1 month, and had to stop because of medical reasons. Baby number 2 I only fed about 2 oz of breastmilk a day and the rest formula, because I basically had no idea what I was doing, not to mention I didn’t really have the support at home to get through it. With baby number 3 I am so determined to breastfeed for the first year, and am so proud she has only had breast milk! I still get little comments like “You are making her work so hard for food”, which makes me think, but then I realize that that’s why we produce milk, for our children and I will stick it out no matter how tired, worried or frustrating it can be because she is gaining weight, she is happy and healthy and I feel so proud to be able to give her the milk she needs!