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    karen barrera

    Hi im 26year old im a mother of two my daughter is 1year n 4months n my son is 3 i been breastfeeding my daughter since birth and i think its time to get to let go i nurse her three times after she eats nap time n bedtime but shes too atache she only wants to sleep with me i dont get good night sleep cause even while shes asleep she wakes up crying looking for the breast please help i tried introducin her to a bootle but she wont take it she drinks from her sippy cup but wen ibtry giving her whole lk

    Minni Pham

    Hi Melissa, i am have a huge struggle to wean baby off the breast, she does not take a bottle from me or my husband , only from the nanny. based on that i dont think she is refusing the bottle, but us. I am not producing a lot milk now, it would take her forever to drink and fall asleep. she does not nap well or sleep well when there is not enough milk, she is 12 months now, i am at my wits end, please help