Thanksgiving Prep: How to Involve Your Kids

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The Thanksgiving countdown is on for the big day: Turkey Day!  I often feel like all the work of preparing for a holiday like Thanksgiving is left to me (not easy, because I do have a big extended family), but not this year!  I’m going to try to involve my kids in every part of the process, from grocery shopping to helping me make the best Thanksgiving side dishes (don’t think they’re big enough yet to work on the turkey), to actually doing the dishes after the meal! (Wish me luck!) I’m hoping this will be fun and educational for them and who knows, they might even eat some of the dishes with less opposition!

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Kids in the Kitchen

First, have them help create the list for the big day before you drive to the grocery store. Have them help putting your items in the bags and the shopping cart. This will keep them focused and give them a great sense of accomplishment!

Cooking with kids can be such a great bonding experience! With smaller children, give them easy manageable tasks to make them feel included, such as “hand me that spoon” or “bring me a paper towel”, etc.  With the older kids, I think they are definitely old enough to fill the role of sous-chef! Hand them a peeler and some potatoes and watch them compete against each other! This will get the job done faster and help you a lot!

Lastly, show your kids just how exciting fruits and vegetables can be! The fall brings such a great variety of fruits and veggies, such as pumpkins, apples, and sweet potatoes! Who knows, your kids might now be begging to eat their vegetables at every meal!

Hope these tidbits helped! What are your favorite family traditions during the holidays? Share below!

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  • Lori S

    Pumpkin pie is definitely my favorite, but turkey is great, too, especially a few days later as leftover turkey sandwiches!

  • kim

    Dessert! Pumpkin and apple pies

  • sharon

    My family does Thanksgiving a little differently then most. We dont like white meat so instead of a turkey, we have duck! mmmm

  • tenita besant

    i love pumpkin pie

  • mary mcmenamy

    i adore squash and gravy with homemade taters no thanksgiving this year got laid off

  • Jeanette Hada

    My mother’s pecan pie, chestnut stuffing, and creamy garlic mashed potatoes are my favorite dishes for the holiday.

    Wish me luck on falling asleep, I’ll probably not be able to think of anything else 🙂

  • Kristina Cruz

    Most definitely the Turkey. It is the only time we eat turkey so I really enjoy it :

  • Jan

    The Stuffing is the BEST !!!!

  • kirasmom2012

    Gotta be Green Bean Casserole!!! We only make it 2 times a year, Thanksgiving & Christmas!!!!

  • Karen L

    My favourite is stuffing with sage sausage, cornbread, apples, onions, walnuts, and raisins.

  • Maria Rodriguez

    baked sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie are my favorite.

  • kirasmom2012

    Gotta be Green Bean Casserole!!! Only make it twice a year, Thanksgiving & Christmas!!!

  • Theresa S.

    My favorite food this time of year is turkey. It’s great on the holidays but makes great leftovers too! Is the one thing my son loves at over and over.

  • michele malone

    we love to use butchers paper as a table cloth and let the kids write everyone’s names at their seats.

  • My favorite dish to make are dessert sweet potato pies
    and apple pies and banana pudding excuse to eat early

  • Arline F.

    My favorite dish at Thanksgiving has to be the Green Bean Casserole!! I love green beans!!! I cant wait!!!

  • Jenn Moss

    I love green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Who needs turkey??? 🙂

  • I think one of my favorite dishes for Thanksgiving is PECAN PIE! We’re going to be making an apple pie as well for my nut-allergic son. But Cranberry relish and stuffing and sweet potato casserole are very close runner-ups!

    Oh who am I kidding, I love it all!!

  • Kisha

    Sweet potatoes!

  • Thank you all for your great comments! We’ve selected a winner and will post the name here and on our Facebook page in the coming days. Happy Thanksgiving!