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    Tracy P

    I find the best deals on turkey and my side items and try to stay simple but delicious. I also don’t forget coupons.


    Each year we take turns in hosting the Thanksgiving dinner. The family hosting makes the turkey and then the rest bring their favorite foods so in the end we have a huge family feast. I also use a coupon whenever I can =]

    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!!!

    Katie Morison

    I love Thanksgiving…I save money by letting my mom do the cooking, haha.


    Divide up dishes to bring between family members. Don’t feel like you have to do it all! Let people help, it’s your Thanksgiving too! Also put those kiddos to work; age appropriate jobs are good for them And you!

    letha spickard

    i shop at walmart for it is cheaper then the store where i live.

    Kellie Rose Wilson

    When I have hosted Thanksgiving, I agree to cook the turkey and stuffing but every guest brings at least one item so we all pitch in to make one meal. I think this is a great way to save money for the holiday and it’s also nice to be able to try out fantastic dishes from a variety of family members!


    I just love to shop at Walmart, that is one way I save.I shop the sale adds and I always use coupons. I freeze leftovers and I make my own dressing from scratch using leftover bread!


    Its nice if family members pitch in and everyone brings a dish!

    diane larson

    Get all your last minute things done before company arrives- Fill your relish trays- your bed baskets- set the table- you will enjoy more time with your company

    Ingrid S

    I don’t have anything different then already posted. Share the duties and use coupons.

    Stephanie Ford-Smith

    This is the 1st year I am hosting Thanksgiving but my I’ve learned to shop the Sunday paper deals 1-2 weeks before for the best Turkey price!


    Here is how we are saving money on Thanksgiving dinner. We started a garden last fall and we have plenty of pumpkins for pumpkin pie and onions for dressing. I get bread from Panera bread and freeze and I am going to use it for dressing. I use leftover spaghetti sauce for chilli too and meatloaf.


    I transferred a prescription to Publix and I received a coupon for a free turkey!!!!
    I also shop at Sam’s they have great prices and I love saving money.

    Denise L

    As always, it’s great to combine sales with coupons. But I think the best way to save at Thanksgiving is to make everything from scratch. You can really save that way and it tastes so much better. Our family also does it pot luck style so the cost of the meal is spread out and it’s not too much for any one of us.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Congratulations to Sharon for winning this giveaway! I hope the Walmart gift card comes in handy with your holiday shopping…and best of luck with that homemade stuffing tomorrow.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks for your wonderful comments and ideas.