Custom Cowboy Boot GIVEAWAY!!

Howdy ladies and gents and welcome back to another of our Wednesday fashion posts. Halloween usually throws me for a loop. I most often fail to buy bargain candy early on and end up buying overpriced bags several hours before the trick or treaters start ringing my doorbell. My kids costumes arrive via cardboard Amazon boxes just a day or two before. It’s a last minute, wing-it, type of situation.

Fancy a pair of $360 custom-made cowboy boots? Enter our giveaway to win a gorgeous pair Honcho boots, the finest maker of authentic cowboy boots in the U.S.!  Enter below!

Throw in the need to find a costume for me and I’m in for it. Several years ago Marc and I did attend a party as hippies, but the flowered-covered bell-sleeved shirts and plastic peace necklaces of those outfits were swallowed up by our family costume box long ago.

Long way of saying that when an invite came for a Halloween ball this year, I felt the way I do most days: overwhelmed.

With a freshly purchased pair of Honcho cowboy boots in his closet from our recent trip out to New Mexico to see my Aunt and Uncle, Marc wanted to go as a cowboy and when I thought about it, we already had a couple of key Western cowboy items. I also had my own favorite boots from Honcho.  And we each had a bonafide cowboy hat, mine a gift from Aunt Simone and Marc’s an original silk-lined Stetson from a work trip to Texas. My best bet was for me to become a Western cowgirl and just run with the whole theme as best I could.  I took the plunge.

After googling cute cowgirl and cowboy outfits, here’s what I found to complete the picture:

  1. A Wrangler men’s shirt
  2. A Wrangler women’s shirt
  3. A faux suede fringe vest
  4. Cowboy hat neck-tie’s

Here I am with the items on getting ready for our dance party.Custom Cowboy Boot GIVEAWAYCustom Cowboy Boot GIVEAWAYCustom Cowboy Boot GIVEAWAYI took the time to dig out an old pair of dangly turquoise earrings and to braid my hair in one loose braid and voila, we were off.
Custom Cowboy Boot GIVEAWAYWe danced for hours and felt comfortable because we had such great footwear on. That really is the beauty of cowboy boots. The more you wear them, the more they become a part of you, molded to your own foot. I simply adore them!

Plus who can turn down a night as the date of Billy Bob Thornton — ha ha. Just kidding honey!
Custom Cowboy Boot GIVEAWAYAll in all, a pretty fun Halloween! Thanks for reading and check back in next week for another fashion post!

Oh, don’t forget to enter our giveaway with Honcho boots.  I’m crossing my fingers for one of you sweetie pies to win.

See ‘ya soon,


Located in El Paso, Texas, Honcho boots is the finest maker of authentic Western cowboy boots in the U.S. Honcho’s custom made boots, crafted from the highest quality leathers and skins, are made my hand.  They are stitched by expert artisans into a pattern you design on a leather of your choice, and are crafted to fit your foot’s unique size.  Mamas and papas, you will treasure these boots!  Thanks so much to Honcho boots for supporting CloudMom. 

The Honcho Boots Giveaway

Prize: A $360 pair of custom made Honcho Boots.

Custom Cowboy Boot GIVEAWAY


  • Enter using the Gleam widget below.
  • Open to U.S readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter.
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  • The giveaway ends on Monday, December 5, 2016 at 11:59 PM (Eastern Time).
  • Winner will be announced on the widget below within 48 hours after the giveaway has ended.

Honcho Boots Giveaway

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