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    My son made a Leggo costume, looks really cute. A cardboard box &16 margarine tubs, 8 sticking out on the front & 8 going in on the back, all spray painted blue, blue hat & sweats completed the outfit. My twins went as Mario & Luigi, they were adorable! regular overalls,& shirt, baseball caps with an “M’ & “L” glued to them, and white gardening gloves and painted mustaches & eyebrows completed the outfits.


    We switch around with friends every year. We all have different age and sized kids, so we might have to buy one every few years, but they all keep getting passed around. Plus, it’s great seeing a costume that you loved seeing your kid in, being used by another kid that you know and get to see!

    Erin L

    This year we decided which costumes we wanted for the girls (2 years and 6 months) and then got them on ebay for a great price. Both costumes were in like-new condition but we paid much less than we would have if we bought them brand new!

    Kathy Huffman

    My 9 yr old daughter wanted to make her costume this year. So we looked through several magazines and websites to find ideas and she chose a washing machine. It was super easy to make too. We found a microwave box, cut arm holes, a head hole and spray painted it white. For knobs, we used different bottle lids. She drew on the HOT/COLD cycles and then we cut out a Maytag logo from a magazine to glue on the front. We also cut a hole in the front (Its a front loader) and using a pie pan with clear lid, put blue cellophane wrap on bottom and bubble wrap on top. Then we put two odd socks in it and glued it onto the front. Looks great, I am out under $5 for supplies!!

    Kenny Flaherty

    I do my shopping for my costumes on Ebay, you can always find some great deal. If you can find what you are looking for I go to second hand stores to build my own costume piece by piece.


    Using items from around the house is a fun and money saving idea. Its nice for your child to have a unique costume.


    I personally like to use the clothes that my kids wear on a normal basis and doctor them up to make a nice costume. No sense in throwing money away on something they will likely wear only once. For instance, a pair of overalls and some pigtails or a hat can turn any child into a farmer. a dress and tights grunged up a little along with a microphone made from a paper towel tube wrapped in aluminum foil and taped to a black ball or even a wad of black construction paper makes a microphone which would work as a rockstar costume. A bandana tied around the head and a black pair of pants along with a flimsy white shirt can make a pirate costume. A black turtleneck and black pants along with a few whiskers drawn on with a black eye liner pencil can turn into a cat costume. bright clothes, teased hair or a mohawk, lots of bright colored eyeshadow and lipstick will turn any child into a punk rocker. brown shirt and pants with glued on leaves and twigs will make a good tree. Really anything will work with a little tweeking. You just have to picture your kids clothes with a little creativity. The good thing is as long as you don’t cut the clothes up, they can turn around and wear them again as normal every day clothes and nobody will ever know.

    Anitha Kuppuswamy

    I used to do shopping in amazon for costumes. The prices are reasonable and t is a good stuff for my son.

    Melissa Lawrence

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