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    ways to save: try to buy in bulk, if you cant handle so much of an entire item…..ask a friend to split the cost and the product with you. that way you dont get stuck with it all and you saved half the money.


    Ordering bulk from oriental trading when they have coupons and free shipping!!

    patty watson

    i buy the wendys give hope frosty coupon book for 1.00 i give out 1 book each i dont have many trick or treaters.if i did i could give 1 coupon each.

    wendy hier

    have a party make your owm treats, decor n drink


    I shop at CVS for candies because there’s extra care bucks and using coupons end up being a good deal.


    Buy in bulk from online stores like amazon… If you have amazon prime its normally free two day shipping. Also when it comes time to hand out candy, be cognizant of how much you give per kid, 2-3 pieces is plenty…


    I go ollies or big lots I am then able to spend less and buy the nicer candy some times. Also I give the teenagers one piece and the kids 2-3 pieces, after all the halloween is for the kids not the high schoolers.

    Shanda J

    I shop Walmart with price matching and coupons. I am able to save tons that way. I also make sure to be realistic with the expected number of children and not overbuy. I have found pinata candy bags are also super cheap.


    Not really an issue here. We go to a community Trick or Treat event at a local park and all the candy is sponsored by companies. We don’t need to buy candy ourselves. Works for me!


    This will sound bad, but as important as the candy for the kids, what about the candy for us adults? =) Am i the only one who has a sweet-tooth? There is no way what is left over after trick-or-treating would be enough for the adults if we got any at all. I love going to wal-mart AFTER Halloween. Some of the stores do great markdowns of half-off, but I have been to some that when they want to get rid of it and get the space to put up xmas stuff, they discount the $10-15 bags down to a flat price of $1-2 dollars. I snatch up enough to last our house a good 8 months of sweet candy goodness. =)

    Natalie L.

    Great tips! I also buy in bulk to save money and try to buy the smaller pieces. I also try to look for candy that kids will like but that I don’t so I will not be tempted to eat it before we hand it out. Also, I let the kids pick out some candy from their bags on halloween that they can eat right away and I save the rest of it to pack in their lunches so they can have a sweet treat everyday.

    Lori S

    We watch for coupons and sales, and spend part of our money on cheaper candy (like dum-dum pops) and part on the good stuff (like chocolate bars). Mom’s gotta have some chocolate in the bowl to snack on in between trick-or-treaters! 🙂


    Obviously, we use coupons and sales when we can. And we shop at discount stores like Walmart or Big Lot.

    But to save the biggest, we buy them right AFTER Halloween. Go to Walmart on November 1st and you will see all the leftover candy for this year at a huge markdown. Then stock up big. Depending on the type of candy, you can freeze it for months. Then take it out before the next Halloween.

    No more stressing to buy expensive candy!

    Hope this helps! 🙂

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thank you all for your great comments! We are in the process of notifying the winner and will be posting the winner’s name shortly here and on the Facebook post. Happy Halloween!


    what a great idea thanks alot have a happy halloween

    Ethel Squibb

    I try to buy larger bags with smaller pieces from the bigger warehouse style stores such as Wal-Mart or K-Mart and even The Dollar General Store’s have even started stocking bigger bags and more due to more and more people having less and less to spend on candy.

    Also this may sound strange and uncommon, and it may not, not sure how many of you and your children have done this or how many children do want to offer to do this, but once my children are done trick or treating for the evening and we have gone thru all of their candy, and this was the children’s idea, but they wanted to give out some of the candy that they received during their adventure to other children that were still out going door to door for sugary treats which I give them great applause for wanting to share and for not wanting to keep it all for themselves. Also they save back to give to the dentist when they have their appointments, which I religiously make the appointments directly following Halloween because they know that their dentist awards the children for doing this in some way or other.


    I make Halloween shape biscuit and cakes with my kids they go down a treat x