Extra Curricular Activities For Kids

HI everybody.  Hope that you’re safe and soundly back to school and settling in!  Over here, we are scrambling to get atop of our new routine.  Fortunately, some of the after-school activities my kiddies are doing, including religion class, do not start until October.  The  boys are loving playing handball after school in the courtyard there, and it’s in the 90’s in NYC.  I feel like I’m sweating in more ways than one this week.  Today, Annaliese has her first day, and tomorrow, Marielle has her first day EVER in the 2’s program at the kids preschool!  I’ll be posting pics to Instagram so check it out (and send me yours too!).

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I’m so excited to publish today’s Vlog.  Over the summer I marveled at how well my kids did when they didn’t have too much to do!  Like any mom I always feel flooded with a long to-do list, and having my kids occupied with activities or camps allows me to work and keep my household running.  But still I’m increasingly finding that when I don’t plan anything, my kids concoct their own little plans and come up with off-beat, cool things to do!

Where do you come out on children and extracurricular activities? Did you guys plan a lot or a little this Fall?

It’s so easy to succomb to the temptation to overschedule.  There are so many things we want our kids to do and it’s good to expose them to new things.  But at the end of this past summer, we had a glimpse of the opposite trail.  Those times when nothing is planned, when the day is open, and when time gets filled in new and magical ways.  And guess who was more relaxed because she wasn’t busing everyone around?  Me.  For more on what happened to us, watch today’s vlog!

A terrific book came out last year by Chrstine Koh and Ahsa Dornfest called called Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less.  I found it very helpful in giving me the courage to listen to my own inner voice when it comes to what my children and I need.  I think every parent can benefit from reading this book because essentially it’s telling us to S-L-O-W down and enjoy the everyday.

Hope today brings you surprising magic!

xo Melissa

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