Track your Baby's Development


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    Kari Lorz

    I love helping the small business aspect of this (oh and of course helping kiddos learn) 😉


    I love that this offers multiple ways to learn, including DVDs and flashcards.


    Same! It is a wonderful product for learning!


    I always looked for ways to keep my kids engaged in learning when they were on school vacations. This looks like a nice program.


    I used hooked on phonics to teach my older children to read.

    Sandy Klocinski

    Hooked on Phonics was around when I was a kid! It is a great program.

    shannon fowler

    I used hooked on phonics growing up. It definitely is a great idea.

    Lisa Brown

    The educational material looks exceptional.

    Lisa Blumenstein

    Anything to teach our kids what they need. I’m glad they are still trying to find programs that will work for kids


    Great program, we go to the library weekly so my daughter keeps up her reading skills in the Summer.

    Saundra Bowers

    This looks like a great tool. I will be looking for these to use for the the kids.


    Great to hear! Thanks for learning about it!

    Shane A

    It couldn’t hurt to introduce your kids to this program during the summer months. Might help keep their brain in active learning mode.

    Karen Oliva

    I want to get that for my grandchildren!


    Absolutely! I make it a point to read to my daughter every night, even during summer.

    Vickie Gallo

    Definitely would love for the grand kiddos!

    donna porter

    I would like this for my grandchildren.


    My mom is a teacher and I will have to let her know about educents.


    Great! Thanks, Natalie! Hope she finds it useful!


    I think Educents is a great website. If I were a teacher or had kids, I would definitely consider buying materials on the site. And you’re right, education should be more affordable.

    Lisa Brown

    excellent site for educational products


    Smart parents reinforce what’s taught at school.

    Amber Gibson

    Wonderful site that I’ll share with my friends who have young kids.

    Shane A

    I always leaned towards buy the educational books and toys. There is a great selection of innovative and sun options these days.


    with 5 grand kids here daily, I’m always looking for things for them to do

    James Robert

    I hadn’t heard about this until now and many could have helped my daughter who is now reading. Would have helped her out a lot.


    This looks like a great learning tool for my daughter!

    Cheryl Chervitz

    I wish this had been around when my kids were little.


    Thanks for sharing! I heard Hooked on Phonics is a good program.

    Amy Deeter

    Lots of great stuff on here to read. thanks for sharing