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    Cute site — found it as a link from Martinis and Minivans. Well done to you!

    thots about this — as our 4 kids’ activities have been OVERWHELMING our lives. We live in a city with big high schools, and competition to have a place on a “team” starts at a young age. we want our kids to have a team, a group, or an activity in high school; that’s important to us.

    sports are great; its fun to see your child participate, do well, learn and win. Its awesome to let kids try different sports and activities thru the local community centers or Y or etc. Exposing kids to these activities during school years is a great way to see what they like without paying a fortune.

    By about jr. high, the kids (around here) have pretty much settled into a sport, and unless your kid is really athletic, they’ll be behind other kids if they havent “specialized.”

    However, the cost, time and sometimes drama to specialize can be crazy. If you’re going to do select sports, stick with sports that have large rosters for the teams. Know that “Select sports” do not guarantee playing time. Larger roster teams give more playing time chances, and more chance for high school involvement.

    if you dont want to put all the time and energy in to select teams, think about getting your kids involved with the lesser known, lesser competitive clubs and sports.

    1) music is a great long-lasting activity that kids can do through high school – and not get cut. We found a private piano teacher to come into our house so we did not have to drag the 4 kids out to lessons. When they get to upper elementary, they practiced band instruments at home and are/will do band in high school. They have participated in vocal/instrumental music groups at their schools for little or no cost.

    2)running is a great sport that a kid can do that doesnt cost much. Down the line, cross Country and track are neat teams and groups, and not expensive.

    3) dance lessons are fun; even with just rec dance classes your kid can participate in school musicals as part of the dance troupe ensemble. Performing for audiences without competition is fun! boys who have dance experience can write their own ticket for activities in high school.

    4)activities where as many of your kids can participate at once are great! eg: Summer swim teams & geocaching.

    i guess i’m saying to just “think outside the box. ” Having kids in activities and sports that are lesser known and not as popular/competitive, but still talent-building and affirmative will mean your life won’t be so con$umed as your kids get older.

    that is all!

    Melissa Lawrence

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