Morning Routine For Kids

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Hi guys.  This video – which I filmed in the dog days of summer – isn’t so much about our school morning routine for kids as it is about handling kids in the morning when they are just not in a good mood nor at their best.  What can a mom do?

Morning Routine For Kids

One day last summer, Marc took the boys to a baseball game and they got home very late and woke up the next morning on the WRONG side of the bed.  I was at my wits end!  I tried to get them to do some workbooks because school was just around the corner; I then tried to get them to play their piano. Ha!  Jokes on Mom because none of this was happening – at all!

Daily Schedule for Kids

In this video, I discuss how you might want to change your plans for the day when your kids are tired and not cooperating.  I call this a “cut your losses” day and we do have them from time to time, believe me.  Whatever I had dreamed of doing just isn’t happening and I have to abandon ship and try to just “get by”.  Not in my nature, but this is what I’ve learned since pushing can make a bad situation worse.

What do you guys do with your kids when they are just plain OFF.  When they are tired, grumpy or not feeling well and your plans for them are not going to happen?  This is a common thing moms deal with so please comment with your advice.

Hoping you have a great day TODAY!

Xo Melissa