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    Yes, when my kids constipation. I feed him with more fruits and waters. This does help to ease the constipation better and also able to help in preventing constipation. I have also changed the diet plan for my kids, as I often feed him fruits before a meal and also keep him hydrated. He is seldom constipation compared to previous. Well recommended for others parents to try out.


    Lack of protein may cause children constipation. What should I do if my child suffers in constipation issue? Mind to share your experience? Thank you so much


    Did you ever feed your kids with more fruits and vegetables? Fruits and vegetables are important for kids, dont forget to drink more water as well. For me, I will feed my kids with lots of fiber food as fiber food helps to treat constipation issue.


    My DD was constipated when she was 5, but she starts recovering after

    switched to Mamil and now she seldom constipate. Mamil works in

    preventing children constipation. It also contains zero sucrose and high

    level of DHA. You can consider to purchase for your kids


    Indeed. My SIL recommended me Mamil FM brand when my boy constipated.

    Once I have replaced to Mamil, I have no longer to afraid that my boy

    will suffer in constipation issue because Mamil can softer stools and

    increase good bacteria as to promote a good bowel movement for kids.

    Bethel Madison

    try to give your baby any kinds of laxatives because they are too harsh for their little system.
    Give them lots of water, fruits with fiber such as plums, prunes, apricots, grapes or peaches. They might not be getting enough green vegetables in their diet. Broccoli, green beans, peas, lettuce, and spinach are all good greens to help them go.
    Avoid bananas and foods that are high in potassium and sodium, because they will cause constipation and fluid retention.

    Toddler magic tea is the best remedy to treat your toddler’s constipation and certain tummy related problems without any side effects. It’s totally organic herbal tea that contains no preservatives at all.