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    My son is going to camp for the first time tomorrow! Do the counselors or the kids reapply their sun lotion throughout the day? My son is only going for a half day, but I do reapply his lotion after the pool normally (he is 4) – do I ask them to reapply for him? I use the same strategy in the morning every day in the summer – lotion on first thing that way we are ready to go! (I actually do the same for myself!) Another question – do the kids or the counselors keep track of their water bottles?


    This has been an issue for me. They should reapply and some do but some don’t. I think a friendly reminder that “my child has sensitive skin would be a good idea. Regarding the water bottles, I would send in a separate bag and ask a counselor to place it back in the bag. Thanks a lot for watching the videos!



    Thanks! Tomorrow ends the first week and so far, so good. The counselor said they reapply, but starting on the second day I stuck one of those sun block sticks in his backpack and made sure he knew where it was so he could do it himself (he thinks the stick ones are fun). I put a label on EVERYTHING so nothing has gotten lost and the water bottle has always stayed with him, although I’ve noticed he does not drink that much. He is only there three hours, so I’ve just been telling him he needs to drink right away when I pick him up.


    I do that too…I am bringing water bottles to pick-up! They are so thirsty when I get them. Best of luck with rest of camp!

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