Baby Care

Taking care of your baby is a 24/7 job, but it doesn’t have to feel that way! After having five kiddies of my own, I’ve put together these videos on caring for a newborn to make everyday tasks just a little easier on you and your baby! Want to know how to give your baby a sponge bath? Do you need tips on burping your baby, organizing your changing table and how to change a diaper on both boys and girls? These videos will also give you help with pesky problems, such as cutting baby nails or cleaning baby’s eyes! A newborn baby can feel so small and fragile, but with my help, you can put your fears aside so as to give your baby the best care!

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Do you know the symptoms of colic? Here are tips for colicky babies and for soothing baby! > More

Do you know the symptoms of colic? Here are tips for colicky babies and for soothing baby! > More

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