How to Treat Breastfeeding Blisters

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Hello mamas!  Back with our weekly how-to video talking about my favorite topic, babies and breastfeeding!  I nursed for so many years with so many ups and downs.  One of my primary goals with Cloudmom is to try and help new moms with the hurdles they encounter nursing.  So many times I was close to giving up and I got by with a little advice from my friends… so all that goes to say that I hope this video will help!How to Treat Breastfeeding Blisters

When your baby first begins to nurse, the constant breastfeeding can really put a strain on your breasts.  My doctor advised me to have the baby breastfeed on each side for only 20 minutes every three hours and to break the suction of the babies mouth on the breast by wetting my pinky finger and inserting it between the breast and the baby’s mouth.  That helped.

Even while doing that, though, I did develop blisters and fissures, which are so common but which hurt so much!  In today’s video, I’m talking about how you can tackle these blisters since they are one of the main breastfeeding problems new moms encounter.

Breastfeeding Blister Remedies

A good latch is key when it comes to nursing.  If your baby is latched on correctly but you still develop blisters or fissures, some great ointments on the market can really help.  In my video I discuss some good creams, including Lansinoh.   You also can try other lanolin products, as well as new organic breastfeeding ointments, to treat breastfeeding woes.  Another age-old remedy which worked for me was to squeeze out a little bit of extra breast milk and allow my breasts to air dry.


If your pain persists, definitely check with your doctor or a lactation specialist on how to treat a milk blister since those can develop easily and can lead to mastitis, a serious condition (take it from me!  I had it 10 times!) you want to avoid.  Hope this video helps and thanks so much for watching!

What sore nipple remedies have worked for you? Please comment below – I would love to hear from you!