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    First off I am totally a “breast is best” lactivist. But I know that some families struggle within the household to breast feed. And in the article the father even states how hard they tried to make it work. He isnt saying that formula is the only way. We have to stop the tit for tat mentality or else no acceptance will come.


    When I had my son 2.5 years ago, I had been convinced of the horrors of formula, with many women influential to me comparing it to poison. That’s the norm theses days. When my exhaustion, coupled with severe postpartum depression, coupled with absolutely no support system outside of the health “professionals” and LLL chapter who were all doing nothing but terrifying me that my child would die of SIDS if he had a drop of formula, my breastmilk still hadn’t come in when the baby was 6 weeks old, and he was below birth weight at his two week appointment. I sobbed in the baby aisle at Target when we had to buy formula, lamenting that I’d failed my son as a mother, and that I clearly wasn’t a real woman. If more people would open their minds to the possibilities of everything not going right, and we instead supported what worked best for each family individually, then I think we could foster a culture of togetherness and love.