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    Hello,i “sufer” to for low milk suply,and when i say low it meens verry LOW,hardly i manage to pumping 100 ml of milk(this is a happy case) and is not enough for feedeeng my baby (3 months) i fail to keep the baby at my breast, she is angry that milk does not come in first and starts criyng really bad,i drink tea for lactatio,beer,eats lot of onions,i trie massage oil,elixir for crafting the body and many other remedies without success.i do not know anymore what to do(the true is i dont have enough time for pumping,i try to pumping Every hour or 2 hours, but not more than 20 minutes for both breasts)i fight about 2 weeks whit this problem,what shoul i do?Thanks


    Try fenugreek tea.Don’t eat mint of any kind, parsley, oregano, thyme. They dry up your milk supply.

    Anna Smith

    while breastfeeding i had a few issues- i wouldn’t make enough milk, or one breast would contribute more than the other. I was told by my LC nurse to take “Healthy Nursing tea” . Also, she told me to pump in between feedings… I was supposed to pump at least 10x a day… and put baby to breast more often during the day. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water!