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    OMG don’t forget the BABY POWDER 🙂 All of those things are absolutely right but so many moms in my group were raving about needing to bring baby powder because it dries out sand – we went to the beach recently and i brought it with – it makes drying off at the car a BREEZE. Highly recommend adding to your must-haves list 🙂

    Nina G

    Oooh, great tip to add Heidi! Thanks for sharing.


    Not a packing tip, but more of a storage tip: Put your sunscreen in the cooler, so it goes on nice and cool!

    lisacng @

    It’s amazing and ridiculous how much stuff I have to take to the beach with little kids! But it does get easier when they’re older. Nevertheless, at any age, water, sunscreen, and snacks are a must. Toys too. They keep ’em busy.

    Nina G

    I notice a huge difference too Lisa, with bringing stuff. The older they are, the easier it is. Even now I still can’t take my toddler twins to the beach alone because there’s just too much stuff to carry!

    JENerally Informed

    We are not regular beach goers so the quarters reminder is fabulous!

    Nina G

    I can’t tell you how many times I wished I had them on me Jen lol.


    I was going to add baby powder, but I see someone beat me to it! I have water bottles that are foldable (kind of like pouches) that I freeze before we head out. Then they defrost slowly and keep the other food cold too.

    Nina G

    Dana, THAT is an awesome product! It doubles up as an ice pack. Genius!

    Tamara Bowman

    Oh, I know it! We’re going tomorrow for a long beach weekend. Des is half potty trained and half not. Both kids need sunscreen and snacks and drinks. The dunes are nearly vertical and we have to walk the kids and the gear up and down them!
    So it’s nice to focus on 12 essentials.. and not much else!