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    I rolled each of my kids’ change of clothes into their hat so that it was easy to spot which set belonged to each kid when they were ready to change. Sharpie names on sand toys too! Would love to win and read this book!!!


    Rather than having the extra hassle of packing up a picnic lunch, we like to stop at a sandwich shop along the way to pick up lunch, then eat it right away so we don’t have to worry about keeping things cold. We went to our little beach by the lake just today actually, and learned another important lesson. If it’s a windy day, pack or buy drinks in resealable bottles instead of those flimsy cups used for fountain drinks. We lost a couple drinks when they tipped over in the wind.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Great tips — headed to the beach right now and taking you up on the sandwich shop idea, sometimes you just have to make things easier on yourself!! Hope all is well with you, Lori! xo M


    I put clean clothes together in smaller bag and bring an empty sack to store the dirty ones. I also bring extra store grocery bags for garbage at the end. I store beach toys in a mesh bag so that the sand can fall out of it….before it hits my car.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Great tips, hope you have a great time at the beach!