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    Hi Melissa! I enjoy your work and your photos. I can’t help but notice you have five children so obviously you and your husband enjoy each other’s company. Since that is apparent I think you both just made great choices in life partners and are able to communicate effectively. I have never been married, but it would seem that if two people aren’t mature enough to discuss all aspects of childbearing and rearing then the communication necessary to signal a need and or readiness for intimacy in their marriage is going to be strained. The standard advice that communication is essential is true. I also think that sometimes compromise is necessary in intimate relationships. If one person wants something and the other one doesn’t someone is going to have to acquiese. If things get lopsided and one person is doing all of the comprimising then a non confrontational conversation is necessary. Sensitivity is a must. I think I would study my partner and try to anticipate his needs and try to accomodate them as often as possible. I would hope he would do the same. Great blog by the way!