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    Sex after baby: First baby it hurt A LOT. Second baby I had a woman doctor (who also had a baby within the past year), and she recommended lots of lube and woman on top. Well that helped a lot and gave me more control, and the overall angel was better. Just make sure he lets you drive, no need for him to get over eager your first time out.


    I have a question about how you went about TTC while breastfeeding? When did you start trying to conceive and did you change/wean breastfeeding in order to do so? I’m 36 and exclusively breastfeeding a 4 month old, and plan to EBF for 6 months and do the recommended year as well, but would like to TTC sometime after 9 months due to my age. With your kids close in age, what tips do you have. If you covered this in an earlier blog, I apologize.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Great topic — going to answer this is a vlog that will come out in the next few weeks. To be honest, I conceived many times while EBF but this is not something you can count on. If having another baby is a priority for you, you might have to wean and then get your period and try to get pregnant again… it’s sort of a struggle and I hear you b/c I wondered about these issues alot myself… after one year, if you are nursing less and giving more food and some milk, I think you are more likely to get pregnant. I asked my doctor and he recommended weaning to maximize fertility tho’!


    Thanks so much for your reply. I love your vlogs and blogs! Looking forward to more!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thanks Lisa and happy holidays!


    Thank you Melissa for this video, it makes me hopeful things will get better for me as well. I know it can be different for different people but still, how much time seems to you to be the fair amount of time to heal after having the first baby (and tearing in the process)? And if sex is painful but the woman seems healthy to her doctor, what do you think is the better policy about sex – wait some more or try and practice till it gets better? Thank you very much in advance.