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    I usually make a list for my husband, and he can check out the chores at his own pace. I usually have to remind him what is top priority, and I often get frustrated that things don’t get done as quickly as I’d like. I’m definitely going to try this! THANK YOU!:)


    Thank you for the list idea! I am going to try that too! That makes me laugh about prioritizing.

    xo, Melissa

    Kelly @ In the Mom Light Blog

    Oh, good reminder about thanking them and not just handing lists. Also, I don’t know how many “goodies” I want to offer because I don’t think I could handle 3 kids 😉

    Kelly @ In the Mom Light Blog

    I meant to say 5 kids like you have 🙂

    Melissa Lawrence

    Got it, ha ha! Today I did send an email list b/c I couldn’t take any more household admin!