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    Am having my 3rd baby hopefully by March 2013. Not sure which stroller to get. I love the UPPA Baby vista Stroller. But i want to get it with the Mesa car seat so i don’t have to buy an apter for the car seat. but that comes out in spring 2013 . What do you think of the Maxi Cosi Prezi Infant Car Seat? do think its the same or better then the uppababy car seat? is there any new colors for uppababy vista stroller for 2013. which stroller you think is best to get? thanks.

    Mom of Two

    I purchased an UPPAbaby stroller after my first son was born in 2008. I did a lot of research, loved that it had both a pram and upright feature, loved that it seemed ideal for our outdoor lifestyle. But over the last 5 years, we have experienced a series of extremely unsafe malfunctions with this product. The brakes broke, a shoulder strap came loose, and after we got a replacement frame, it quickly proceeded to not lock, making it hazardous to stroll the baby. It is also impossible to wash the seat, and over the years you can imagine it would be nice to wash it- the cover doesn’t come off, and even a dry cleaner told me it would be impossible to clean it. I would also add that it is difficult to break down and does not easily turn. My biggest issue- aside from the multiple safety issues!- is that after paying $650 for this product, after 1 year elapsed and their warranty ended, the safety issues started occurring, and UPPAbaby insisted I pay for each repair. $100 for a new seat, $135 for a replacement for the replacement frame and new wheels it required! I put up such a stink this was their discounted rate, so standard protocol would have been to have me pay twice that. Am I crazy or should paying $650 for a stroller mean you are entitled to a safe, reliable product without having to pay when it breaks and becomes unsafe? I would encourage every family to pursue another option. At this price it’s my opinion that this stroller should be safe and last you through more than one kid, and that customer service should be helpful an apologetic when your child’s safety is compromised. Instead I was quizzed on how we had used the product and then given a pricetag for the repair I needed. So after sinking now $750 into this stroller and having another issue crop up that would cost an additional $135, I have decided to abandon the UPPAbaby ship and put my money toward another product. I researched this product like crazy and truly thought it was the best of the best. Expensive, but worth it. I could not have been more mistaken. Do yourself and your family a favor, go with another stroller. I never write reviews but took the time to do this in hopes of saving you and your family some grief!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi and thanks so much for sharing your experience. This is exactly what CloudMom is for! I’m so sorry that you have had troubles with your Vista. It’s interesting because I chose to feature this stroller in part because my colleague has had such a marvelous experience with her Vista and with UppaBaby. Really the polar opposite in terms of both the stroller which she says has held up really well, and with the customer support.

    I hope you have a better time with the new stroller…let me know what you chose! And thanks again for commenting.


    We have a Vista 2010. We love it! I stumbled on this review looking for an accessory for our Vista. I noticed this negative review of the 2008 model. We love the 2010 and I believe there is new 2013 version now that is very similar to the 2010. I just wanted to send a comment, because we could not live with out our Vista. We had one quality problem with it in the beginning and the customer service was awesome. The sent us a part with clear instructions and a number to call for support if needed. We have added the rumble seat and the piggy back. Ours has held up to daily abuse. We have had no problem cleaning it. We have purchased a lot of accessories for it over the years, a cup holder, a food tray, the car seat adapter, the rumble seat and the piggy back. I am sure we are at least $1000 into this stroller, but it is worth every penny. This is the only stroller we use even though we have a very nice umbrella stroller. New parents interested in this stroller also can justify the price, because they will only have to add accessories for additional children, not by a double stroller. We only have two children, but we frequently have three riding on it, on outings with other families. Kids love riding on the piggy back. It really can grow with a family! I rarely review products, but I only saw a negative review on this site and had to let people know that this this a great stroller. My husband and I are so thankful we picked this stroller. Our children are 3 years-old and 15 months. Our babies, eat in it, sleep in it, shop in it, go to the park in it, see the world in it, and most importantly love being in it.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi there, I am so happy you had such a great experience, I wish I had been able to try this stroller but it was not available when I had my first and that is the only main stroller I have ever had! Thank you so so much for writing in and have a great summer!


    They have made a lot of updates since 2008. I have no problems with it. It’s been safe & easy to fold & steer.You can also hand wash the fabric or put it in a front loading washer on a delicate cycle. I even called Uppababy to confirm. I’ve tested it, and it cleans great.